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Maddy lived her life without fear of judgment. She was silly, charismatic, and an inspiration to all. She brought laughter and love to everyone she touched and wanted them to feel special, each in his or her own way. Maddy was known for her beautiful smile and contagious laugh. Her presence lit up a room.

She lived life to the fullest and had aspirations to finish college, go into the fashion industry, and travel the world. Maddy had passions for cheerleading, modeling, and spending time with those she loved at her favorite place on earth: the beach.

Family was a very important thing to Maddy. The Massabnis shared a very unique and special bond. Her

The Maddy Massabni Foundation for Toxic Shock Awareness was founded in honor of Maddy Massabni, who passed away from menstrual toxic shock syndrome at 19 years old on March 30th, 2017.


Maddy was a vibrant, beautiful, loving, thoughtful, determined, and kind young woman, full of life who spread happiness wherever she went. She lived life to the fullest each day and every moment was special. Maddy's philosophy on life was that regardless of life's obstacles, there are still miles to go, places to see, things to do, and a life to live. Her positivity was radiant.

Maddy's 1st bday beach.jpg

mother Dawn and brother George were Maddy's best friends. Maddy believed that as a team, they could do anything together, conquering all things in life. Maddy's legacy now lives on through everyone who knew her. Through the foundation, Maddy saves lives today. Maddy will never be forgotten. 


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